allows Agents to manage their Artists audition times, control how notifications are delivered and manage their Artist’s profiles alongside their Auditions harnessing the power of our casting database.

auditionmagic is a complete casting solution for casting professionals to manage the audition scheduling of Artists...

It also sends notifications to Agents and Artists of audition times, the live capture and conversion of the artist’s auditions, as well as the all important collaboration and sharing of these auditions for review by the client, for example, the director overseas, the producer interstate or the team at the advertising Agency.

Below you will understand how it effects the Artists themselves.

Final Audition

Auditionmagic has a final audition page that the client sees, you will notice the Profile button above the audition. This harnesses the power of the Artist’s Online Casting Profile to display their Images, Statistics, Agency Contact Details, Resume and other media, so client’s can learn more about the actors/talent they are auditioning.


An example profile showing the information on the artist. Another reason for Agents and Artists to keep their casting profiles up-to-date and ensure the clients can see the information they need at the right time.

The beauty is, update your casting profile and instantly next time the clients looks, your details will be updated.

Audition Notifications

Agents & Artists receive Audition Notifications when they are scheduled for a casting. The Agent or Artist can easily select YES or NO to confirm attendance and this automatically updates the schedule for the Casting Professional managing the schedule.

It is as easy as a simple click to helping streamline what used to be a painful process in the past.