We believe the casting and audition process should be simple, intuitive and fun with an elegent modern interface that is easy to use. A system with intelligent functions that helps you achieve a better result either finding and selecting talent for a project, managing and marketing them as an Agency/ Manager or as an Artist promoting yourself for work more effectively.

auditionmagic:auditions for Casting Professionals, Production Companies, Studios and Networks offers you the tools to capture  auditions live in HD, or upload those you have already captured, to manage your audition scheduling, the audition notifications to agents & artists as well as the collaboration and sharing of auditions with clients, an end-to-end elegant system covering all your needs. 

auditionmagic:casting for Casting Professionals, Agents & Artists - we also help you with the entire online casting process- search, shortlisting and briefing agents and talent process too, we offer cutting edge talent management tools for agents and managers and promotional tools for Artists themselves. click here to learn more. 


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auditionmagic is built on the latest cloud based platform...

Utilizing the power of the cloud and the latest HTML 5 and responsive web standards to optimize, store and serve your auditions and projects to anyone, anywhere at anytime on all devices in the most elegant and effective way possible.

Our auditionSTUDIO App is built to use on your Mac with any camera...

Connected and capture your auditions live, optimize them for all desktop and mobile devices and then upload them in the background, doing all the grunt work for you by connecting them to the correct Artists all without you needing to life a finger.

Built by a team with over 20 years experience...

Serving the entertainment industry with leading edge online casting tools, creative services and marketing tools, we understand the casting process, how time consuming and cost in-effective the audition process can be, we have designed audition magic to help you manage this process far more effectively and offer a professional service to Studios, Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Casting Professionals, Producers, Directors and other industry professionals engaged in managing the audition process.

Your main dashboard in auditionmagic is where you get an overview of your projects...

You can also see a quick top level overview of your project components like, how many auditions are unwatched, how many auditions require media, what portions of artists are scheduled so far and other crucial information that ensures you always keep your finger on the pulse.

  • Your Artist

    Gives you the quick status of each stage of the Artists in your project, those new, those yet to be scheduled, those that currently have audition media attached to them and those reviewed so far in the audition process.

  • Your Project Activity

    Shows you the activity over the course of the project relating to media, scheduling and reviewing activity by yourself, collaborators and reviewers you have invited to participate.

  • Collaborator Audition Reviews

    Gives you the quick insight into what portion of your auditions your collaborators have reviewed so far, so you can give those falling behind a gentle reminder to catch up.

Your Project section in auditionmagic is where you get to set the structure of your project.

The project is the umbrella for your project and under that you can havy many opportunities and roles. This can be created from scratch or if you using our Online Casting System, you can easily import your project to save you valuable time and effort.

Your Project

Is simply the umbrella for the overall project you are working on, like the name of your film, your TV series or the brand of your TV Commercial for instance.

Your Opportunities

Are the sub groups within that project, they may be different briefs for that Project like TVC 2 or episodes of your TV Series or categories in your film project like Lead Roles, Bit Parts etc.

Your Roles

Are the individual definitions of each character within your project, the Lead Male in your TVC or Mary - the sister of the lead female in your TV Series for instance, these roles enable you to easily separate up the auditions based on their part in your project.

Get your auditionmagic off to a flying start with our import wizard, it’s as easy as enter your Online Casting Access details and we will import and set-up everything for you, your projects, briefs/opportunities within that project, your roles and their definitions as well as all your shortlisted submissions, all in seconds!


If you don’t use our Casting System for your projects, that’s ok too, on auditionmagic it’s as simple as click a button and you can create your Project > Opportunities > And Roles, define the details of each and hit save.

Setting up your project will take you less than a minute, then you can start to add talent, set-up and manage audition times, begin scheduling and get on with the fun stuff of capturing and sharing auditions and seeing your project come to life.

Our Media Manager allows you to manage all your project media in the one convenient place, viewing media per Artist or uploading all your images and auditions in bulk.

Have access to all your media including images, videos and audio files, you can sort by Project or Artist, media Assigned or Unassigned and you always have quick easy access to any audition you want allowing you to remain super organised throughout your project.

There are many ways to add media to your project, if you prefer to create auditions & their media as you go then the drag and drop approach is as simple as create your audition and drag the media onto the page and we will handle the rest converting it in the cloud in all the right formats for web and mobile devices.

Or you can upload in bulk all your auditions into the Media Browser and then simply ‘select and confirm’ the media as you set-up the auditions, the choice is yours.

For those in a rush, we created the AuditionStudio App, a desktop application that allows you to live capture auditions with your own camera and Mac, associate them with your audition attendees and let us convert and assign them on the fly in the background for a truly optimised audition solution.

Learn more about AuditionStudio
Whatever your media management preference, we have you covered!

The auditionmagic scheduling system is one the most flexible & easiest to use schedules you will find online...

We list all your roles and shortlisted Artists on the left hand column and you simply drag and drop them into the time slots in the diary to schedule your auditions, adjust individual audition times from 5 min to all day and drag one on top of the other to create group auditions.

It’s that simple, notifications to Agents/Artists on their audition times are managed with a few simple clicks too, the whole process has been made super simple to ensure scheduling is quick and efficient saving you precious time and streamlining your audition process.

  • Expand Roles

    Expand roles in your left schedule side panel to see shortlisted Artists and drage and drop them into your calendar

  • Shortlist Filter

    Use the Shortlist Filter to easily filter those Artists that are scheduled and those that aren’t or to determin which roles need attention over others to schedule.

  • Calendar Picker

    Use the calendar picker to jump straight to a specific day, we highlight your days with auditions in green, to make it easy to jump straight to them. Or use the left and right arrows in the calendar to navigate day by day. It’s simple and fun to use!

Create Individual or Group Auditions in your calendar

Create Individual or Group Auditions in your calendar, define duration, select which room the audition is in and write notes too.

Create Individual or Group Auditions in your calendar, define duration, select which room the audition is in and write notes too.

Notify Artists

Notifying Artists/Agents is simple too, you can notify just the few you with to confirm or all those you have adjusted in the Calendar, Agents and Artists are notified of your personal notes you add too.

Audition Notifications

Audition notifications appear as shown, so you can easily get confirmations frmo Agents/Artists and auditionees with one simple click in their email.

Notifications include personal messages you type in the notification area, links to the map location of your casting as well as an easy to add .ics file so they can add it straight into their calender.

The clear and simple buttons allow them to respond YES or NO straight from the email, instantly updating your app with a green or red cross to let you know their response and what further action is required.

The Auditions are the final product after you have scheduled your artists, uploaded their captured media and seamlessly linked it to their profile.

Now ready to share with your client/s and collaborators we have created a clean interactive view to make reviewing auditions simple and professional.

The clean format in the Audition view lets you view the different takes for the Artist/s, their profile picture, see the current votes from collaborators,write notes about them and their audition and see others notes also. We even support Group Artist Auditions where media is shared across multiple Artists.

On each audition screen you will see the status of votes on that Artist, with Yes, Maybe and No selections for collaborators to select.

Also keep track of comment history from your collaborators reviewing the auditions all in the one place.

Creating an Audition is quick & easy!

Creating an Audition is automatic if you had scheduled or imported them from the casting system, but if not it’s still 1-2-3 simple. Just select the type of audition you want to create, an Individual Audition or a Group Audition, where you can set-up multiple artists in the one audition.

Group Auditions

Group Auditions allow individual voting on each artist but shared media across to be applied to all those auditioned together. The ultimate flexibility for your project to decide on each Artist individually whilst viewing group audition media accurately just as they were auditioned.

Audition Rounds

In auditionmagic, managing audition rounds is simple too, from your first round, select those you want to progress to the next round and confirm your selections, we auto generate new auditions ready for you to add their media, previous rounds are always just a click away.

There are no limits to the rounds allowing you to move through the natural selection process until you are satisified with the final selections.

Awarding the winner...

Awarding the winner of your auditions in each role is also just as simple! Click the individual artist to share them, remove them or award them as the winner.

This way you will always maintain a record of your final selections for any project you use auditionmagic for.

The Collaborators are the clients and other associates you choose to share your project and auditions with. You can create groups or share with individuals.

Sharing in auditionmagic is amazingly flexible. We understand sometimes you want to share the whole project and all auditions with your clients and other times, you need the flexibility to share certain auditions from certain rounds with certain clients only, all of this is possible in the collaborators section where you can create groups, define/edit their permissions and start sharing.

Add Members

Easily invite someone to a group at anytime. They could be a regular contact at an Ad Agency or a new producer in the production company.

Either way, it’s as simple as adding them to the group and inviting them to collaborate.

Our simple 1-2-3 collaboration process is what makes sharing a breeze in auditionmagic !